Toon Boom vs Flash

Flash has become a popular animation tool in its own right, as anybody that follows Aaron Simpson’s blog Cold Hard Flash can tell you. Even with this surge in popularity the question remains — how does Flash compare with a more formal animation program such as Toon Boom?

Toon Boom Strengths

There are many things that Toon Boom can do that Flash animators wish they had access to. Note that some of these can be accomplished in Flash via additional plugins, but not by default.

  • Parent Child Relationship – The most powerful integrated tool in the Toon Boom arsenal is proper parent child relationships between elements. The ability to attach one drawing to another and have it mimic the parent’s movements is a key feature of limited animation. Flash users have been begging for this functionality for years but neither Macromedia or Adobe has seen fit to grant this feature.
  • Detailed Camera Controls – Toon Boom you to easily pan, zoom and track your camera. The system offers budding directors all the camera control they’ll need.
  • Cell Controls – Used for quickly changing a drawing for a frame of any particular element, Toon Boom Studio can inherently do what Flash requires a plugin for (AnimSlider Pro).
  • Z-Axis Control – The ability to place elements with a z-axis 3D environment is an important tool in the animator’s arsenal. By default Flash hinders animators by forcing a dual-plane environment.
  • Exposure Sheet – Traditional animators are accustomed to using exposure sheets to draw their characters. This allows you to view many drawings at once and really nail your timing.
  • Library Management – While Flash allows you to import and export items from other movies there is no distinct library management tool. Toon Boom allows easy drag and drop capabilities to quickly managed your digital assets.

Flash Strengths

  • Actionscript – The scripting language integrated into Flash continues to be a powerful asset, allowing Flash to do what it’s best at: web publishing. Database interaction, custom forms, interactive quizzes are all possible with Actionscript. This advanced scripting can be put to good use in animation as well, especially for things that would be difficult to animation by hand like particle effects.
  • Blur Effect – Flash MX saw the first bitmap blur effect for vector graphics, and this has proven to be a useful tool for animators looking to push the envelope with impressive realism.
  • Customizable Preloaders – Toon Boom currently has a default preloader that can be assigned to SWF files but it can not be modified. Flash allows you to create and edit your preloaders how you see fit.

So Which is Better?

If your animation requires interaction Flash is the clear choice. Toon Boom is centered around animation throughout, which makes it preferred by animators. Toon Boom has great integration with Flash though, so using them both together makes a great animation studio.

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  1. Mart Says:

    I think Flash and after Effects working together makes a much better animation studio…

  2. John papanot Says:

    Flash and after effect… great combination,true, but… not for cartoons.

  3. b.berry Says:

    I can’t draw but very much interested to know…
    where can I learn toonboom animation including drawing me…..
    which is having a beter future?whether flash or toonboom

  4. Rhiannon Says:

    Yup Flash is good for actionscript and I used to own flash MX before my kid brother lost the serial number. Now it’s useless to me until I find it.
    I agree that Toonboom and Flash make complementary tools in the animators toolset.
    Though I’d much like to have After Effects. Too bad it’s expensive though.

  5. Ibis Says:

    Flash is the better choice in all cases, price, features, and versatility. A creative animator can easily use flash with a “non traditional” approach and create richer animation faster than with TBS and TBA. And i do not agree with this articles statement that it is the natural choice of traditional animators especially because I am one. Traditional animators want modern tools, modern work flows, and not just a digital approach to doing the work the same old fashion way.

    X-sheets are great in real life. yo hold then look them over, and are easy to reference. In a digital work flow they are a pain in the ass and a waste of valuable screen real estate. I’m sorry but i will never understand what the big deal is about having an x-sheet in an animation software. To me that’s the first sign of a company who’s trying hard but still has it all wrong. It’s a digital age, and I’m surprised no one has come up with a more clever approach to visualizing an animation timeline on a computer screen.

    Traditional animation is about creating quality work, and always pushing the envelope in terms of the techniques and procedures used to achieve the desired “hand drawn” look and feel despite the actual techniques used. Add to that, the need to always push production value despite the actual styles used. Having said that, hard core “traditional animators” would never opt for tools that “lock” them into doing things the same old fashion way. Or tools that define your works look and feel. It should be us who decide how our characters look an feel and not have the style of our work defined by the software limitations. This was Flash problem for a long time. Toon Boom is still at that stage where flash was back in version 3 in term of its drawing and editing tools.

    In Flash, a traditional animator can easily drop in a temp layer in which they can rough out an entire sequence, set that layer to guide layer so it doesn’t get published. And use a second layer to clean up the sequence. In TB i have to deal with pegs and and junk i never reall want to have to deal with for the simplest of tasks.

    The line control you get with flash is superior which allows you to create work that ranges anywhere from that typical web cartoon look with the heavy varied line width and plastic flat look to more refined feature quality look such as work seen in feature films like The road To El Dorado, Brother Bear, or Cowboy Bebop as examples. But with TB you are pretty much limited to producing work along the lines of dragon ball z and Powepuff girls at themore complex of the levels. You will provably never see work that looks like Cowboy Bebop done in TBS or TBA, the amount of work around required is just not worth it, while in flash you can do it in a business as usual approach. So all the bells and whistles are great if the desired look and feel of you production is strictly based on that flat limited animation look with the heavy lines and flat look and 1d dimensional visual performances. But if want true depth and performance range in your characters, flash is a lot less limiting. (note i didn’t say better, it’s just less limiting).

    The color management feature is a great idea in TB. It can easily be done in Flash too using bitmap swatches. Paint with a red bitmap, then change the color of that swatch, everywhere you used that swatch will be dynamically adjusted just like in TB. Flash wins in my book because of its ability to use non dynamic swatches in additional to bitmap swatches. Which “under the hood” is the only think TB can actually do.

    TB products are all pretty much dependent on the use of an external graphics tablet for drawing, Flash feels quite natural even if all you have is a mouse.

    Actionscript is great but only if your doing web work, most traditional animators look for the ability to be able to export their final pieces to video, so i wouldn’t even use actionscript or any of the softwares dynamic features as a comparison feature because all in all flash dynamic features are not exportable so whether its flash or toon boom most professional animators will used an external tool for dynamic effects such as After effects or particle illusion etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love TB and yes I agree that it has its place in certain animators tool box, but a comparison between TB and Flash is really just unfair to TB because pound for pound Flash flash stands out as the superior product. Especially for traditional animators, who are anything but traditional.

    I always like looking at these type of comparisons, the thing that always strikes me even with the official marketing materials is the need to emphasize a traditional animators approach but focus strictly on web output. I challenge anyone here who doesnt agree with me to actually do their own tests. do a simple walk cycle, try to recreate a short sequence from any film or TV show using the same character and artistic style. do it with TB and do it Flash. And evaluate how much harder or time consuming it is to create the same thing in either product and actually note which of the products features you actually made use of in order to perform you task.

  6. WEZ Says:

    Flash has transparancy and other things toon boom doesn’t plus everything easier

  7. ahmed . Says:

    iam pro in flash from long time ..there is nice futures in the toon boom
    but it work for templates ..based on joints ,its ideal for cartoon ..
    but in real time animaton it fails ..its not fast on taplets than flash and its
    new boy compared to flash ..

    i just tested my self in it but ..i can hardly cope with ..the only thing
    is good is lips thing ..but also there is one in flash but u must control it
    your self

  8. iMR4N Says:

    @John papanot .
    Flash & After Effects .. Is the best combination for cartoons.. we can use After Effects for Composing And We Can use Camera in After Effects .. All The Pro Animators Use After Effects To compose

  9. cresshead Says:

    re transparency in toon boom studio, you can import photoshop files that have transparent areas such as windows and semi transparent ones too..they all import just fine so whilst you cannot DRAW inside toonboom and create/edit transparency you CAN certainly have semi transparent assests in any toon boom project.

    also note that any imported swf vector based artwork from flash come in fine and you can have semi transparent items created in flash imported and you can edit their fill and they remain transparent, even change a solid color semi transparent fill to a gradient fill inside toon boom studio…

    a workaround yes, but it does ‘work’ :^)

  10. cresshead Says:

    also does flash cs4 have a selectable, trasnformable animatable camera yet?

  11. cresshead Says:

    you know what?
    …you CAN create transparent elements within toon boom studio…just been looking into it!

    i’m a new user to toon boom, so I’m still learning!

    you add a color transform effect found in element>add>color tranform effect you then can dial in or out the alpha of that element…and you can animate that transparency also btw withkeyframing the effect over time.

  12. Chavar Says:

    I am a critic, and often a harsh one, of ToonBoom. And now I am just Genuinely upset. When I saw this title,I thought, “to think that a human being who is acquainted with the graphics/animation industry would even think of posting such blasphemy in public view”.
    It is no question that flash is better, in fact I could use four of Adobe’s programs, illustrator included, and animate something better than TBS ever could. The first reason I could is because all of their programs support raster effects, drop shadows, that actually fade out, glows etc, and that not the only reason, they are numerous, which I wont get into.

    And now to compare TBS with Flash? “Oh no they di’nt”. I understand that the peeps at TBS are trying to promote their product to be on par with Flash, but sadly it cannot be, so please slow down, develop your program a bit more, then you can talk.

    The only thing not present in flash is the ability to lip sync based on audio track, and that just a sand on a beach compared to what Flash can do, I am seriously upset.:-(

  13. Chavar Says:

    Toon Boom vs Flash

    Out come

    ToonBoom Knocked out in the first round

    (on account that they didn’t have a back bone, or any form of bone for that matter, so flash just paved them over with its new IK in CS4)
    -as for TBS’s pegs, the only ‘peg’ that flash knows is mpeg, because its in the plethora of media formats that flash can handle/convert and embed.

    Oh did I mention that ToonBoom got knocked out in the first 24 frames, Ouch!

  14. John Says:

    It seems people forget that toon boom opus (I believe it’s called digital pro now) has more feature films to it’s name than flash.

  15. Ricky Says:

    Look at all of you talking how great is flash, strange thing all the big studios use toon boom , don’t ya think?

  16. James Says:

    Ricky: I doubt that your comment on ‘all the big studios’ using Toon Boom stands up on closer inspection… in Canada (the only country I can legitimately comment on) the vast majority of studios use Flash.

    I know that Big Bad Boo in Vancouver uses Toon Boom exclusively, that Bardel and Mercury have both done at least one series in Toon Boom, and that 9Story completed one show – but these are only a handful of examples out of dozens and dozens of properties and projects produced every year, all of which are done in Flash.

    Out of the last seven studios I have worked for, none of them used Toon Boom.

  17. Rafiul Alam Says:

    I have used flash for several years. It has high quality functions and can be extended further by plug-ins. I saw many professional studios use Flash. It is a fact that flash has gained its reputation for its majority. Most cartoon animators use following softwares to make cartoons and good quality animations including 3d effect:
    1. 3D-Max
    2. Poser
    3. Flash
    4. Maya

    As you see Flash places 3rd, Toonboom is cannot be compared to such a great animation software.
    I used the Toonboom trial version. I tried to create a short animation. But, I could not meet up my need with it. But, it is a really good software for beginners.
    Here I give you some tips: You can use Toonboom along with Flash for a great animation. You can use photoshop to create frames, pictures, shapes, effects and more for high quality animation. I would like Adobe Director for 3d animation and After effects for composing. If you are new to animation creation you can use PIVOT. Again, Toonboom is not better than Flash in any side. But, yet I liked the easy lip sync system of Toonboom, I worked hard on that part in Flash, once I made a good lip sync template I used those on every animations.

    BEST WISHES… Happy animating.

  18. mike Says:

    Toon Boom is the best according to this site!

  19. jacob Says:

    soooooo if toon boom is so bad why does their client list include:

    (copypasta from wikipedia)

    Walt Disney Animation Studios
    Walt Disney Television Animation
    Warner Bros. Animation
    Mercury Filmworks
    China Central Television
    Toonz India Ltd
    Rough Draft Korea
    and Cosgrove Hall

    toon boom must be doing something right… oh, and they never said it was better than Flash in this article. only that it’s a better straight-animation tool than flash is.

    but you know what’s really cool about Toon Boom?

    come on…

    … guess!

    … give up?

    no “wordmath.”

  20. Peter S Says:

    People misunderstand just because Flash does better things doesn’t mean it’s better for animation. It’s better for web development animations, but it’s nowhere what it needs to be for a real animators software package. Alot of people in here are just going…Flash, yeah. Because it’s better for this and that. And some comments are just plain ridiculous. Flash being better for traditional animators…lol no. Alot of the stuff I read in here are purely because people have no idea how to use ToonBoom, or get frustrated way too fast and give up. Then go…yeah…flash is better. Nobody has even considdered about the other main mediums of export.

    Ive used Flash Since Flash 5, so nearly 9 Years and I can tell you right now, for Hand Drawn and Parented Tween Animation. Toon Boom holds it’s complete own and in some cases, can’t be touched by Flash.

    I love how all the amazing extras in TB has totally been ignored in this thread. You can scan and convert straight away to vector in ToonBoom. Heck…you can just plain twain acquire. You need a seperate source for Flash to do that. And if you want to scan a serious of Traditionally animated images it’s far quicker. Things like you assign colours to specific objects. So if you do an entire animation and think, hmm that guys coat, face or whatever could do with a more hint of red, you change the assigned colour in the palette and it changes it all. In flash you would have to go through it Frame by Frame colouring re filling it all in one by one. And if you have shadows…heck you will be there forever at 30fps.

    Heres another. See when you tween a bit map in flash, and slowly zoom/pan it in or out and does that really annoying shakey effect…yeah. Toon Boom doesn’t do that, it scales pixels accordingly and correctly. Like After effects. How about being able to rotate your canvas at a push of a button instead of rotating your wacom. Or when zooming in the Brush tool is in ratio to the brush size like photoshop, not to the canvas zoom ratio like flash. Which is AWFUL for traditional animation. It means if you want to get up close and put in steady hand detailing you cant, because when you zoom in, your brush is the tiny.

    And That guy, Ibis saying flash is cheaper! What in earth!? TB is USD$179 Flash is USD $699. Saying That you can use two layers in FLash and use one for clean up and things like the line control is better…Have you even used Toon Boom?! Flash only allows the largest size of a pressure sensitive movement. Toon Boom gives the ability to show the line thickness at the softest point too, not just the hardest point and you can use multiple layers and clean up as well on a foreground layer. Saying you are limited to that style of TB is ridiculous. have you seen the array of proffessional TB Animations? :/ How about the Simpsons movie…or the rugrats movie..

    As for that challenge you. I dont have to, because as a Traditional Animator for a decade, I choose to use both. But when I do a job which requires Traditional 2D Animation, ToonBooms Tools are quicker, more precise and the shortcuts speed up the process double time. As I said, Ive used Flash for Nearly 9 Years, and Toon Boom for about 5.

    Webdevelopment Flash is the Bomb, but as for Full Blown 2D Animation, Flash doesn’t even compare. To recieve best results you should both as well as after effects or whatever compositing program you like. Then an editing program to put the shots and soundtrack together.

  21. Matilda Says:

    About the different clients using Toon Boom… There is a reeeeally pricy toon boom program that I’m sure they use, that I guess none here has tested.(or maybe you have?) I bet that the Toon Boom they are comparing to flash, is not the toon boom those animators use..
    Oh, the program was toon boom animator pro I think.. goes for $1999

    In my world that’s a lot of money..

    Both programs got their strenghts but I prefer Flash, for the price ;)

  22. leonardo Says:

    toon boom es especial para dibujo animados flash es mas trabajoso digame para aplicar sombra toon boom lo hace rapido lo malo de toon bomm que no hay guia ni programa en idioma español como que si los que hablamos el español no tenemos derechos o inteligencia para animar dibujos

  23. alessandro Says:

    @Matilda and @Jacob

    Nice of you to name drop but the big guys you mention (Disney and others) use an altogether different Toonboom product: Harmony, priced at 15,000+ $ per seat.

    I’m sure that it’s a strong product w. some terrific features, though I do know of at least one supervisor — working at a well-known animation studio in France — who told me a few days ago that they were about to dump it (or had already dumped it; can’t recall) on account of its bugs, steep learning curve, and difficulty of finding experienced operators.

    If you can afford it, then buy some training (a few thousand $ extra) and give it a try. Who knows, maybe that’s the answer. :)


  24. Joel Says:

    I’ve been testing out Toon Boom Animate while working on a freelance cartoon in Flash, and man it makes me want to vomit how much better Toon Boom is. If Flash simply had one of these features it would be a way better tool for animation – parenting, a camera, color management. Toon Boom has those features and a whole lot more. Downside – price. Toon Boom is crazy expensive, whereas Flash comes with the Adobe Suite. But if you’re a character animator and you want a tool made for that, Toon Boom is the best I’ve seen as far as vector-based programs go. And if you’re planning to put the animations into a game programmed in Flash, TB’s swf export works just fine, symbols and all.

  25. S.B.M Says:

    I personally have used both Flash and Toon Boom Studios and I own Toon Boom. The easiest way to put this is, Flash is great for making a game of some sort, on the computer. Toon Boom is definetly better for animation. They are both great choices, but it’s more on what you are hoping to produce, of course.

  26. green geek Says:

    toon boom animate pro sucks and wiil never own up compared to the powerhouse that is adobe production premium it features the following programs, flash, after effects, premiere pro, encore, photoshop, and illustrator and you people have to realize that with out adobe toon boom nothing i’d like to see toom boom work without the help of adobe products like photoshop

  27. Prince Says:

    I think Toon Boom is the best. Though it’s expensive but it’s the most popular software for animating even in Disney Films. But Adobe is not that good. I think we should rank it in this way :

    1. Toon Boom Studio 5.0
    2. Anime Studio Pro 7.0
    3. Adobe Flash CS5 Professional

    I’ve used all of them and I am speaking honestly :)

  28. kadez Says:

    Flush is suck. Very often crashes without saving and Inverse Kinemtaic is terrible in Flash. Flash is good to animate banners but not for animated movies.

  29. Elke Says:


    What a great thread. I do motion graphics and want to get more into character animation. I do have Flash, never used it, but it’s pretty close to the other adobe stuff. One thing that drives me crazy is the key framing!!! What is up with that? Anyway, I am still trying to figure out if I should take the time and start in Flash as I have it, or should start with Toonboom and get the software. What is closer to after effects, flash or toonboom..


  30. TBforTheWinn Says:

    wow, so many telling that toonboom sucks makes me wonder if they even tried the right version.
    I was using flashMX during the highschool for couple of years but aside of actionscript for preloaders,games and websites i find ToonBoom animate more suitable for classic frame by frame and 2D pupped cut-out animation. Just what an animation is suposed to be!
    I purchased for toonboom animate2 and then cross-graded to PRO2 and im blown away by its avesome features. Really, aside of a preloader i wouldnt switch to flash at all :)

    They also get sales once in a while that reduces the price even to 70%
    To better understand the features of toonboom,i sudgest to check the video tutorials directly on their website…and its still being updated :P

    to green geek :
    If you mean like cooperation, toon boom software is designed to do the work entirely in one software.So it really depends on the individual needs in a result of the project.
    I used photoshop 4 years and permanently replaced it with Gimp.
    Gimp is by the way a open source graphic program that is completely for FREE for any use and has moust of the functions that photoshop does.

  31. NotoriousComment Says:

    It depends, if someone has tried ToonBoom first they probably will not get used to Flash and hate it. The same way for Flash. I am not trying to discount your comments, but I am only saying that please see if you can even trust what anybody says. As for the saying in a song I heard “Everybody always hates on something they don’t understand” I have only tried Flash and as I can see, many of you seem to be leaning on the versatility of flash. I love Peter Ss logic on saying that why would traditional animators want to do traditional animation in an age where animation has new digital tools simply to make work better. This has always been a problem for me, some people sticking to how they used to do it when people have found out better ways to do it.

  32. Noah Larks Says:

    I loved reading all the comments, since I’m not knowledgeable in either products, and hearing all the opinions in this debate. I have nothing to add really. I guess it’s down to what you want to do in a project and how much you’re willing to learn about a new product. I’m sure professionals in both have produced wonderful masterpieces.

  33. MyOpinion Says:

    Many people (I Guess) Just say that Flash when not even tried Toon Boom Animate.
    Animate might be expensive but if you do animating for your job its worth it.
    Ive done animating since around 2005~.

    About 6 months ago I bought Animate Pro 2 after using the PLE (Personal Learning Edition, Which is free) It is really alot better than Flash IMO. Since it was created by animator for animators. So many things are alot easier than compared in flash.

    So. Animate is better in my opinion.

  34. Highwinder Says:

    This whole thread is amazing in how nobody is really pointing out multiple obvious points and realities:

    For Flash to do what Toon Boom does, you have to give it crutches in the form of After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc – in other words, full Creative Suite, which means you’re not saving any money, frustration, learning curve, or streamlining a single process. Only Toon Boom doesn’t have the animator putting up with the extra hassle of jumping back and forth and importing between the additional apps to get the same job done.

    Flash was originally created as a vector art program, animation was an afterthought that was added later and grew to be it’s main selling point. Animation has been improved in Flash, but only as customers screamed and pulled their hair out as Adobe juggled all the other products they are trying to sell (ie, how’s that Adobe Flash player worked out for all you Mac users?). Adobe is not totally focused on Flash as a flagship product – that honor goes to Photoshop. Or is it After Effects? Or Premeire? or Acrobat? Adobe has all the problems of Microsoft. Toon Boom’s only product and focus, on the other hand, is Toon Boom. And Toon Boom’s output isn’t limited to playback on devices that require a browser plug-in to be installed. It’s self-contained and standalone, a rare jewel in today’s world of baiting you into purchasing a suite of products for any of them to actually get the job done.

    When Flash was in its heyday about 12 years ago, people got really excited with the product and attempted full-length webtoons and episodes with it – remember all of that? It really was quite spectacular to be sure, and made the Internet humm with exciting animated content. But for some reason, that did’t last long. It mysteriously vanished and all we see now are “enhanced” web sites and animated advertisements. Wanna see Flash in all its glory now? You have to visit a Hollywood web site that’s promoting a movie. You have to hunt it down. What happened is that people realized how much of a pain in the @ss it was to produce lengthy content in Flash, and Flash quickly turned into a tool to produce nothing more than little bits of eye candy for web sites, which is where it remains to this day – an ultrapowered, super-collossal, uber-cool…….. advetisement generator. Yawn. Gone are the days of true Flash movies with any length to it, and all because of the sheer amount of complex work involved with it. It’s good for simplistic little looping advertisements that piss you off at the edge of your browser, and jazzing up web sites with some sparkle and blood splatter, but little else anymore.

    To add insult to injury, Flash is used to jass up the web sites that are promoting the movies and TV shows created in Toon Boom!

    So why isn’t Flash used for feature-length content that makes it to movie screens like Toon Boom does? And why is Toon Boom the de-facto feature production creation tool for animation throughout the entertainment world? Let’s dwell on this for a moment: The answer lies in Flash’s complexity and rigidity – it’s like trying to walk in hardening cement: In Flash, when you get far enough into a project, you find yourself locked in from nearly every angle, from positions to paths to related and intertwined transforms to hardcoded frame positions in the ActionScript. Reversing a mistake or changing the content flow practically takes an act of God because of how hopelessly rigid a Flash project quickly becomes as it progresses, only complicated further by the ActionScript you have to track and fix as well (and then there’s all those timeline checks and corrections). Heaven help you if you’re a solo gig and you don’t have a staff behind you to spread the workload when your client calls up and wants a big change in the middle of production. And if your project requires any level of interactivity, reach for the painkillers and caffiene, because you’re not going anywhere for a good long time. This is how you live in the world of Flash. I’m glad Flash is around to fill the interactive web niche, but DANG!

    Can Flash do what Toon Boom does in most circumstances? Yes. All of it? No. Same thing for Toom Boom not being able to do all that Flash can (basically web and interactivity). But Toon Boom produces better looking content than Flash because it has the built-in capabilities to allow that to happen – it’s what it was designed for from the ground up, unlike Flash. Flash literally has to be tricked and kicked into doing a lot of these things Toon Boom does, and still doesn’t compare enough for Hollywood to replace Toon Boom with it. Think about this for a moment.

    Toon Boom is used professionally as a production animation product for feature-length production animations by the biggest baddest Hollywood production companies, period. That cannot be dismissed or blown off – it says it ALL. Toon Boom was producing content for both TV and silver screen when Flash was still in diapers, and remains to be the tool of choice in that industry to this day. This is because of capabilities and quality, not tradition.

    There are few, if any, movies hitting the silver screen produced in Flash. Is there a super high-end version of Toon Boom they could be using – all the way down to free versions for newbies? Yes. Does Flash have a super high-end version they could be using? NO – Flash is a consumer-grade web site generator only, and Adobe produces no higher-end vector animation product. This, folks, is irrefutable reality. Think about this. Do the math.

    For those that insist upon comparing Flash to Toon Boom, you can accurately call Flash “Toon Boom Limited Studio Interactive For Web Sites”. Flash is only used in circumstances where Flash’s level of output quality is “sufficient” due to the number of Flash animators available to complete the project or budget constrains that would otherwise prevent the use of Toon Boom. Aside from these rare examples, all Flash gets used for is 2″x2″ animated advertizements and annoying attention-grabbers off to the side of the sites we visit. Compare this to Toon Boom, which is a Hollywood level content creator that produces features that wind up on movie screens. Flash does not boast a filmography a fraction of the length Toon Boom does.

    And here, folks, is the money shot: To the contrary, Flash is used to create the WEB SITES for the movies and TV shows they make with Toon Boom, which again, says it all. Read this statement again, slowly.

    And just to have said it: For those who argue that Flash represents a “new way” of animation and thus is somehow supposed to be better – this is often wrong in the real world, where there are many examples of getting something right the first time.

    Unless, of course, you think all these revolting Hollywood remakes actually are improvements over their truly brilliant and previously undefiled originals.

  35. Highwinder Says:

    Another comment I should have included is that Toon Boom is the Autodesk Maya of 2D animation. By way of comoparison, Flash could be described as the 3DS Max of 2D animation. The 3D animators out there will know what that means.

  36. Artyom Says:

    I’m using flash since macromedia flash 4. And Im using Flash cs5.5 now and TB Animate Pro.
    I think TB is much better than flash (FOR ANIMATION).
    Some of the features, which TB has, but flash hasn’t:
    cloning palletes
    really good library and really good resource management, which allows you to use different parts of another projects easy
    invisible lines
    lighttable and backlight
    and a lot of more!

  37. Highwinder Says:

    Don’t forget axes that allow for 3D animation effects. Flash doesn’t have that either.

    Flash is for serious web sites, Toon Boom is for serious cartooning.

    Pick what it is that you want to be doing, because neither does both in any serious way.

  38. Russ Law Says:

    As a webdesigner I have used flash for years making banners and sites with limited animation.
    I have drawn cartoons all my life, but never quite found the right tools for animation the way I wanted to do it.
    I have recently had the chance to try toon boom animate pro and everything just opened up for me. After one night of following the tutorials I sketched some characters, coloured them in using the colour ‘layer’, got them moving and then was using the camera to move my background layers around.
    Jumping between drawing and camera mode is awesome. This is just what I needed. Being able to rotate my drawing around and then reset the view after everything is drawn is one of the many details that make it for me.
    I love it – everything feels right !
    It just never happened in flash.

    Download the trial and see for yourself.

    -Russ Law

  39. anamika Says:

    Hi I am a animator and love working on flash though i was a diploma holder in 3ds max and maya modeling but eventually when i saw market full of flash i went for it . I found it very user friendly and comfertable to work with . I once did tried toon boom but it blew my mind as i was totaly not able to undertsnad it . But im market or in job where ever i went no one mentioned that do i know toon boom but wether do i know flash because its cheaper and less time consuming than toon boom . So guys flash is best in my opinion plus i have worked in big studios but surprise surprise flash was most used than compared to 2 to 3 toom boom user.

  40. cedar(nigeria) Says:

    @highwinder I partly agree wit u,but 3d max is not neccessarily meant for animation,. Its basically for modeling,lighting and materials. But for animation,it is combined wit either autodesk motionbuilder(more preferebly) or maya.. Dont forget they are products of the same company, and they have their different strenghts. As for flash and TB, i think TB is better, flash is perfect only for webdesigning works… Thank u .