Flip Boom Special Edition Includes Drawing Tablet

One of the problems with getting started in animation is the cost of getting setup. Free cartoon software can be found out there, but it’s often not as good as if you had spent just a couple of dollars. Even after you find and buy the perfect animation software, it’s pretty imperative that you purchase a drawing tablet, especially for 2D animation.

» Buy Flip Boom with Drawing Tablet – $49.99

I spent a good amount of time looking for a drawing tablet to advertise that was affordable, which is how I ended up advertising the $69 Bamboo version on the right. To get started then, would cost about $100: $39 for Flip Boom and $69 for a drawing tablet.

This is a limited offer, which means that Toon Boom likely pre-purchased a number of drawing tablets — so when they’re gone they’re really gone.

Toon Boom realized this price point was keeping many people from trying to make their own cartoons and managed to package their popular Flip Boom animation program with a drawing tablet, a great deal at $49.99.

I’m impressed that they recognized a need for this package deal, I hope many people interested in making their own cartoons are able to take advantage of this offer.

3 Responses to “Flip Boom Special Edition Includes Drawing Tablet”

  1. doreen taiapa Says:

    how can i purchase one of these if i live in Auckland New Zealand
    a flip boom special and a toon boom studion 5

  2. Simon Says:

    I am also looking to take advantage of this Flip Boom/Drawing Tablet offer but do not know the procedure to purchase from Adelaide in South Australia.

  3. Adam VM Says:

    What model of drawing tablet is pac kaged with the software? Is it a wacom or some other maker? Few other brands of tablet are as widely supported as wacom, and while the price is tempting, it would be a pain to discover that my less costly tablet that I get with this isn’t up to what I want to do with it.