Flip Boom Animation Program for Kids

Toon Boom today announced that they have a new animation program in time for the holidays this year. The program is called Flip Boom, and it’s clearly targeted at a young audience.

Download a free demo of Flip Boom.

This One’s for the Children

The interface has been simplified to a great degree but all of the necessary tools are there. A clear effort has been made to make animation programs more accessible to any age group.

In addition to simplifying a very deep animation program the tool icons have been increased in size and “kidified”, making them more cartoony. Smaller kids may not grasp some of the concepts that quickly, but most pre-teens really do know their way around a mouse and keyboard. This animation program is a great introduction to the digital stylus.

Here’s a screenshot (click to view larger image):

Flip Boom is a great new animation program from Toon Boom.

Priced to sell at $29.99 (presumably for a limited time), this would make a great gift for any 10 year olds on your shopping list this Christmas.

I must say that I’m impressed with Toon Boom for creating this basic animation program. If they are able to reach the children and show them that animation is more approachable than they realize, they will have fostered a generation of fans with a deeper appreciation of this art form we have come to love.

3 Responses to “Flip Boom Animation Program for Kids”

  1. Rhiannon Says:

    I wish this software was out when I was ten years old. It looks way more fun than kid pix and I’m sure any youngster who wants to make cartoons would love this softtware a big deal!

  2. Will Says:

    I agree with you strongly Rhiannon! Imagine how cool it would have been to have this when we were young.

  3. Puppy Says:

    I love dogs!